Siri Broch Johansen
I’m a skier

"I have learned something about women today. I have learned that if there is something wrong, it doesn’t get better by itself. And if you believe it is best not to say anything about it, you’re probably wrong. I have learned that if you are wounded, and a thing goes so wrong that you start to cry in front of the woman whom hurt you, then it may be just that, which makes it all right again."

This book is Siri Broch Johansen’s second youth novel. Jovsset, a young boy, tells you his life the way he sees it. He goes through the motions as an eldest child does when younger siblings arrive. We get to discover his likes, dislikes, love, friendship, passion, struggles and victories, alongside him. In short: unique view on a young boy’s life.

Siri Broch Johansen

Siri Broch Johansen

Siri Broch Johansen (1967) is a woman of many talents. She is an author, teacher, playwright, singer, linguist and translator from the municipality of Tana in Finnmark. She holds an MA in Theatre from the Theatre Acadamy, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and works bilingually in northern Sámi and Norwegian languages.
She s a well-known author in Sápmi. She has collaborated with all the major Sámi publishing houses, i.e. ČálliidLágádus - AuthorsPublisher, Davvi Girji, Iđut and DAT. She publishes her solo projects on ČálliidLágádus - AuthorsPublisher.

Other titles

Books with ČálliidLágádus:

2010 Saras dagbok;
published in 3 Sámi languages and Norwegian

2014 Jeg er en skiløper/Mun lean čuoigi;
Published North Sámi and Norwegian

2015 Elsa Laula
Published in Norwegian, Swedish

2017 Elsa Laula
Published in North Sámi

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