Ragnar Aalbu
Pie Noon

You shall not steal. Unless you come
across a warm apple pie and you’re really
The mole walks past the bakery, suddenly feeling
very peckish. What is that lovely smell? The inevitable
happens: our friend steals a pie cooling off on the
windowsill. But what was supposed to be a tasty treat,
soon turns sour. Can a mole outrun his own conscience?
We first met the peckish mole in the award-winning
picture book Knock on Wood. In this standalone sequel,
the mole encounters irresistible temptation, and faces
a dilemma he needs to solve – ideally before the pie
goes cold. Cold pie isn’t as tasty as warm pie. Everybody
knows that.

Ragnar Aalbu

Ragnar Aalbu
Vigmostad & Bjørke

Ragnar Aalbu (b. 1966) is a picture book author and
illustrator who has received multiple awards for his
minimalist, stylised illustrations, including the Ministry
of Culture's first book for children and young adults
award in 2005.
Aalbu is featured in Martin Salisbury’s book PLAY PEN
– New Children’s Book Illustration (2007), and in the
Gestalten Verlag title Little Big Books – Illustrations for
Children’s Picture Books (2012).

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