Rakel-Iren Østnes-Lillehaug Pedersen
Den sinte bjørnen

The angry bear is a book about a 4-year-old boy named 'Lillebror'. He lives together with his mom, dad, sister and brother. It is a very normal family, and everyone loves one another.

Nevertheless, Lillebror is having a difficult time at home. He notices that dad sometimes changes into something else. Now and again, he transforms into an angry bear with big claws, that follows them all the way home.

Rakel-Iren Østnes-Lillehaug Pedersen

Rakel-Iren Østnes-Lillehaug Pedersen

Rakel Iren Lillehaug Pedersen (1988) lives in Steigen in Nordland and works as a pre-school teacher.

The book is illustrated by Malle Remmel from Estonia, living in Sápmi.

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