Knut Ødegård
It's Time

In his fiftieth year as a poet, Knut Ødegård is more vital than ever. This years collection shows us a poet painting bold pictures with his words, unafraid to enter the political scene of our days. The poets span from childhood to old age, from Molde to the mother fleeing Syria with her child, in the same way Mary fled with Jesus.

Knut Ødegård

Knut Ødegård
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Knut Ødegård (b. 1945) made his début as a poet in 1967. Since then he has published 14 collections of poetry and several translations of foreign, especially Icelandic and Old Norse poetry. He has also written fiction for children and youth, essays, plays and two documentaries. Knut Ødegård is the most translated Norwegian poet of our time, covering 42 languages.

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