Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus
The Chocolate Thief

There's chocolate in the bedside drawer – stolen chocolate! It's not easy for a chocolate thief to sleep at night. Imagine if someone saw what you were doing? When there's a sudden knock on the window one night, our young hero is lured out into the darkness and ends up in the middle of what turns out to be a thiefs' gathering, where the scariest and strangest thiefs meet up – those who have done far worse things than stealing chocolate. But what is it they want with a simple chocolate thief?

The Chocolate Thief is a new picture book from Kaia Dahle Nyhus about having a secret, and then getting even more.

Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus

Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus
Photo Credit: Line Fresti

Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus (b. 1990) studied visual communication at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, and also studied illustration at the Luzern College in Switzerland. She has illustrated several of Gro Dahles children´s books, and was awarded the Ministry of Cultures Illustration Prize in 2011 for the book Hope, said Goose. The War, from 2013 was nominated to the Norwegian Critics Prize and The Nordic Councils Children’s literature prize. In 2014 she made her own debut with the book Do you want to hear a secret, for which she received the NBU Debutant Prize for.

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