Jan Tore Noreng

Robophobia 3

Rikard, Tommy and Karen end up in serious trouble in Oslo. They have to decipher mysterious graffiti messages and explore secret tunnels—and all the while, terror drones are buzzing over their heads. Never before have the three friends faced such a challenge. Never have they experienced such harrowing cliff-hangers. The frenzied robots are back with a vengeance.

The suspenseful books in the Robophobia series are about what happens to three friends when technology goes haywire. The second book, Unknown Danger, is nominated for the Bookworm Award, a prestigious children’s book prize that is selected by schoolchildren from all over Norway.

Jan Tore Noreng


Jan Tore Noreng (b. 1968) is a teacher and lives in Mefjordvær on the isle of Senja. He has studied creative writing at the University of Tromsø and has himself taught it at the Cultural School in Berg municipality.

Other titles

Robophobia 1 : The School of Death (2017)
Robophobia 2 : Unknown Danger (2017)

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