Jan Tore Noreng

Unknown Danger
Robophobia 2

What happens when technology goes berserk?
Nearly everyone who works for Rubbishtip municipality is given the sack. They are to be replaced by Technology. Then a mysterious dark van draws up in front of Richard’s house, and masked men kidnap his father. A desperate hunt gets underway! Richard, Tommy and Karen are soon caught up in a game that is larger than anything they could possibly imagine.

Secret operations, killer drones and rabid robots. Can three friends about to start seventh grade really solve deadly dangerous problems when grownups and top-trained special forces cannot manage to?

Jan Tore Noreng


Jan Tore Noreng (b. 1968) is a teacher and lives in Mefjordvær on the isle of Senja. He has studied creative writing at the University of Tromsø and has himself taught it at the Cultural School in Berg municipality.

Other titles

Robofobia 1: The School of Death (2017)

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