Jan Tore Noreng

The School of Death
Robophobia 1

There’s something strange about Rubbishtip school. Richard and Tommy find ‘memories of the past’ everywhere, and several of the teachers get crazier and crazier. At the crack of dawn, Richard finds himself caught up in mysterious, horrible events. Is a ghost haunting the school, or is there a bloodthirsty murderer wandering about the place? Or are the school’s dark secrets something much worse?

Robophobia are thrillers about three friends and what happens when technology runs riot.

Jan Tore Noreng


Jan Tore Noreng (b. 1968) is a teacher and lives in Mefjordvær on the isle of Senja.
He has studied creative writing at the University of Tromsø and has himself taught it at the Cultural School in Berg municipality. School of Death is his first novel.

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