Arne Svingen

Uncle Snake-Charmer
Svingen's Mad World

Jokum loves being babysat by his favourite uncle, Harry. Harry is smarter than the Internet. No one on the face of the earth knows more than him. What’s more, he is a BASE jumper, a famous plumber, and a journeyman carpenter. Not to mention he’s a prize-winning rescuer and a snake-charmer in India. And when the doorbell rings and the girl neighbour needs help with a leak in the kitchen, there’s no one better to have around than Uncle Harry. Right?

This is the fifth book in the whacky and wonderfully absurd series, Svingen’s Mad World, for young kids at primary school. Previous titles: Espen Askeladd and the King of South; The Impossible Bike; When Fred Lost his Head; When Lise had to Fart.

Arne Svingen

Sigbjørn Sigbjørnsen

Arne Svingen is one of Norway’s most popular authors. He has received several awards, among them the the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize for his critically acclaimed novel The Ballad of a Broken Nose, and his works has been translated world over.

Illustrator Henry Bronken is a Norwegian Cartoonist. His first comic was published in the Norwegian anthology Forresten in 2001.

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