Simen Tveitereid
A life of freedom
On wanting something different in the World´s wealthiest country

Simen Tveitereid and his family moved out of the city to a smallholding in the countryside. There they were able to work less and enjoy more freedom in their everyday lives. Was it all that they had hoped for? And what if everyone else did the same?

Such a life represents a break from the norm of our time for a valuable member of society who contributes to growth by having a full-time job and a high rate of consumption.

In a personal and discursive essay, Tveitereid considers the smallholding dream in one of the world's wealthiest countries.

Simen Tveitereid

Simen Tveitereid

Simen Tveitereid is a freelance journalist and author, and co-owner of webzine Harvest. He is a trained historian of ideas. He has previously written the books Northug, Nansen and What do we want with children?

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