Marte Spurkland
The class

This book follows a group of students through their last year of high school. Seven youths between childhood and adulthood, between feigned security and fumbling experimentation, many of them between two cultures, often uncertain about both their own and others' relation ships with sex and gender. With warmth, insight and curiosity, one of the country's best journalists depicts a group of youth that provides a cross section of being 18 years old in Norway in 2017.

‘It´s impossible not to be moved by Marte Spurkland´s The Class’


Marte Spurkland

Marte Spurkland

Marte Spurkland (b. 1977) is a journalist and TV hostess. She has worked for NRK, DN, VG and now for TV2. She received Riksmålsforbundet's listener prize in 2015 for the VG podcast ‘Close To’, wrote First Ladies: An Educational Journey into Women's Lives (2005) and edited for the poetry collection Love and Sorrow (2007).

Other titles

First Ladies: An Educational Journey into Women's Lives (2005)
Love and Sorrow (2007)

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