Per Dybvig
The hunter
A tale from the woods

In The Hunter, Per Dybvig describes a world where displacement of identity and absence of civilisation are obvious. The presence of nature is just as obvious. The mountains tower above people and animals, and flowers are in bloom, but the people and the animals are in a worse situation. The animals seem to have mutated, acquiring alien features of both nature and people. Where horns once protruded, tree stems can now grow. Hares walk on two legs, chain-smoking with one paw and carrying a pistol in the other.

Per Dybvig

Per Dybvig

Per Dybvig (b. 1964) is an illustrator and one of our foremost children's book artists. He has received many awards for his drawings and his work has been featured in several solo exhibitions. In 2005 he and Bjørn Rørvik were co-recipients of the Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs' Literary Award for their Fox and Piglet books.

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