Karen Anne Buljo
The Amulet Mirror

Through the poems in this collection, the author, Karen Anne Buljo, demonstrates her obvious artistic talent. In her poems, the author depicts mythical beings, and indeed, throughout the entire collection, weaves the realm of myth into her writing.

The author pays homage to her home region and the people who live there, and she lets her love for them permeate her writing. Through her more existential poems, she dwells on various aspects of human relationships. The author uses a good deal of alliteration with frequent play on words. The collection consists of 65 poems.

Karen Anne Buljo is a multi-artist/performer. She is both an author and yoiker (joik, Saami for singing, is the Saami traditional folk music), as well as an exponent of duodji (Saami arts and crafts). The poems in this collection reflect a myriad of emotions that the author transmits to the reader in her own particular style.

Karen Anne Buljo

Karen Anne Buljo
Marie Louise Somby

Karen Anne Buljo (1964) lives in Alta in northern Norway, and has written books for children and young adults as well as radio drama for both children and adults. She has also published collections of poems as well as a an book of travel writing. She has, in addition to all this, also produced teaching-material.

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