Lene Ask
May and June
The May Mystery

May has been invisible for as long as she can remember.
No one apart from Mum and Rolf knows
she exists. Until one day, an unknown guest shows
up at the bar in the hotel. A special friendship ensues.
This is not without complications for May,
who has lived such a sheltered life and now must
learn to relate to the unrestrained June. Eventually
the friendship overcomes the differences, and the
two girls find out how much a friendship can mean
when everything is at stake.
May and June is the first book of five in the May
Mystery books for voracious readers.

Lene Ask

Lene Ask
Julie Pike

Lene Ask (b. 1974) is a versatile writer for children and young adults.
She is a photographer, illustrator, cartoonist and writer. Apart from writing
and illustrating her own books, she has illustrated the popular Ville Wilma
books for reading aloud. In 2006 she was awarded the Sproing Prize for
the cartoon novel Hitler, Jesus and Grandad.

Other titles

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