Kaveh Rashidi and Jonas Kinge Bergland
Your Fine Behind

Following a number of popular scientific books about the body (Your Superstar Brain, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, and The Wonder Down Under) comes a book about perhaps the most taboo area of the body—the hole in your behind. Here’s everything you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about one of the body’s most important and sensitive regions. An entertaining mix of history, science and practical information, this is a book about serious topics that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Both authors are general practitioners with the requisite medical expertise. Both have worked in the emergency room and provided counselling services to children and youth. And both are veteran writers. The book is written and illustrated in a balance of elegance and edge. The title is a nod to other books in the same genre. Everyone with a hole in their bum will derive benefit from this funny, informative book.

One great thing about this book, now that measles are back upon us, is Rashidi and Bergland’s merciless takedown of quacks, anal bleachers and anti-vaxxers: The only downside to the vaccine—as with all vaccines—is that it is manufactured by the Illuminati and allows the CIA to control your thoughts.

Kaveh Rashidi and Jonas Kinge Bergland

Both authors are doctors and experienced writers. Kaveh Rashidi is a regular columnist in The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association and a panellist on the TV2 programme Health Check-Up. Jonas Kinge Bergland is one of Norway’s foremost stand-up comedians and winner of the Komiprisen in 2017.

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