Birte Svatun
Highly Sensitive Children
At kindergarten and at home

How can adult care providers take care of especially sensitive children – at kindergarten and at home?

Being highly sensitive is a personality trait that is often genetic. These children have an unusually sensitive nervous system, which is especially receptive to sensory impressions. Highly sensitive children may express strong emotions, whether through loud fits of crying and rage, complete withdrawal from others, or beaming smiles and laughter.

In the first part of the book, the author explores what high sensitivity is, and refers to research and theory in this area. In the book’s second part, the author looks at how adults can interact with highly sensitive children in the best possible way and facilitate the development of good self-esteem, using everyday situations at kindergarten and at home as examples.

Birte Svatun

Birte Svatun
Ketil Born

Birte Svatun (b. 1958) is an author, journalist and teacher and has previously worked for NRK Radio for ten years. She writes for both children and adults.

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