Wasim Zahid

At the Heart of the Heart

Ever since he began studying medicine, Wasim Zahid has had a special fascination for the heart. That is how he ended up as a cardiologist, and now he has written the book that has been brewing in him his entire career. Zahid writes an engaging and non-technical introduction to this vital organ, drawing on specific examples from his daily work as a cardiologist. Ultimately, he hopes the reader will be better able to ask questions and make informed decisions with their health practitioners.

The book takes up the purely physiological side of the heart as an organ, as well as the most common heart ailments such as heart attacks, atrial fibrillation and heart failure. In addition, the book is full of fun facts and findings from groundbreaking studies, both classic and more recent, including the very real possibility researchers might one day construct an artificial heart that can be transplanted in humans.

Wasim Zahid

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Wasim Zahid is an author and a cardiologist working at the main hospital in Drammen, Norway. Zahid is well known as a commentator (he has been dubbed the “Twitter Doctor”) and for taking part in the NRK TV programme What Seems to Be the Trouble?

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