Helge Olav Svela

When He Found His Hound
What Your Dog Senses, Understands and Loves

Why do dogs love people so much? How much of what we say does a dog understand? And who does your dog really think you are? In a personal and engaging manner, When He Found his Hound explains what goes on in the heads of our four-legged best friends. Helge Olav Svela avoids the common myths about dogs, instead reviewing the latest research and interviewing some of the world’s leading dog experts.

The book explains how dogs learn, how their senses differ from our own, and why the heavy-handed “I’m the boss” approach to dogs can be downright dangerous for both dog and owner. At the same time, When He Found His Hound is the story of the dog Whisky and its owner, and a reminder of how precious the love of these animals can be.

Helge Olav Svela

Bjørn Erik Larsen

Helge Olav Svela (born 1979) is a prize-winning investigative journalist from Stavanger, who is presently an editor for the newspaper Bergens Tidende. In 2014 he took in the puppy, Whisky. When He Found His Hound is Svela’s first book

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