Bjørn F. Rørvik

The Billy Goats Gruff Start School

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are back – and this time they're starting school!

Once upon a time, there were three goats called the Billy Goats Gruff. They'd gotten a letter saying that they had to start school. “But why?” asked the smallest. “Everyone has to go to school these days,” explained the biggest. So, they agreed that they would try it out for a week or two. But the school has a new principal – and it isn't just anyone!

"With this, the third book about The Billy Goats Gruff, Rørvik and Moursund again shows us talented cheekiness. (...) Now that the books are here it seems surprisingly natural that the goats have a new life in a new form. A revitalisation like we have seen with the likes of Shrek and other fairy tale-mutations. But the magic still lies in doing it, giving it life! All honour to Rørvik and Moursund for doing this."

"They did it again! The Billy Goats Gruff starts school is a lovely picture book that will make the grown ups laugh and the children squeal with horror and delight."

With The Billy Goats at the Water Park and The Three Billy Goats Gruff Return, Bjørn F. Rørvik and Gry Moursund have given children a brand new depiction of the Billy Goats Gruff we know from fairytales.
And the adventure is far from over for the three goats!

By 2017, the total print-run for the two first books have reached 272.000 books - in Norway alone!

Bjørn F. Rørvik

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Bjørn F. Rørvik has worked extensively with film and video projects for the business sector, and for children. He studied media in Volda, with a specialization in film and television. His first children's book was published in 1996.

(b. 1969)
Gry Moursund graduated from the National Art Academy with a specialization in illustration and graphic design. She has since received a number of prizes for her illustrations, among them the Brage Prize in 2003. In 2009 she won the Ministry of Culture´s Picture Book Award for her book The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park.

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