Agnar Lirhus

What did she say?

The Meadow Buttercup exists; the experts and the after thought exists; the angels, the embryos and the ecstasy exists; the echo exists; the drilling holes, the twirlers, the mud swirls and the after light exists; the moth and the crayfish exists, the carabids, the river, the loneliness exists, and the auk and the pseudoscorpion exist, and ethereal rooms, and the hereafter, the hereafter...

What did she say? is inspired by the book Alfabet by Inger Christensen. The book is an illustrated poem, with its eyes both at the past and the future. An echo, an alarm.

Agnar Lirhus

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Agnar Lirhus (b. 1978) is an author and teacher. He has received the Booksellers' Author's Stipend and been nominated for the P2-Listeners' Novel Prize for his books for adults. He writes for young adults and children as well as for an adult audience.

Other titles

Otherwise I´m not a Human Being (2018)
The Boy and the Glowing Tree (2017)

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