Simon Stranger
Those Who Don’t Exist

Paperless people – people who don’t exist – live everywhere. 21-year-old Samuel from Ghana knows what it means to sacrifice everything in the hope of a new and better life in Europe. He did it before, when he fled to Gran Canaria. A Norwegian woman called Emilie tried to help him that time. In the end he was discovered and deported anyway.
The last thing Samuel received from Emilie was a piece of paper with her address on it. He is now standing outside her house in Bærum, with experiences behind him that no one in this foreign country could start to comprehend.

Nominated for The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2015.

Simon Stranger

Simon Stranger

Simon Stranger (b. 1976) made his literary début as a children’s author with the picture book Krusedullen in 2005. In 2006, Gjengangeren was awarded Riksmålsprisen. Stranger has also written critically acclaimed novels for adults.

Rights sold to

Denmark (Turbine), Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin), Japan (Chobunsha)

Other titles

En fremmed i verden, adult novel. Tiden Norsk Forlag 2012
Verdensredderne, 2012
Barsakh, 2009
Mnem, adult novel. Tiden Norsk Forlag 2008
Gjengangeren, 2006
Krusedullen, 2005
Den veven av hendelser vi kaller verden, adult novel. Tiden Norsk Forlag 2003

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