Kjerstil Wøien Håland

Come and Get Me

Come and get me is a collection with poems about waiting. You are waiting to be picked up. I do not know of what or who, but you know. From mental basements and literal attics. I see you all the time, waiting. In the City where I live, the waiting City. You can tell by the cranes. The whole world is waiting, even when it is racing, even when it is spinning around it self. Waiting for a change, a revolution, a collapse. January is waiting for February. The Day is caught up by the Night. Words waiting for eyes. Poems waiting to be read.

Kjerstil Wøien Håland

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Photo: Heidi Furre

Kjersti Wøien Håland (1988 - ) has written several collections of poems and one novel. Her novel Dommedøgn was nominated for the Norwegian Young Critics Prize in 2014.

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