Annabelle Despard

Spring is an old man

Annabelle Despard´s poetry is characterized by its humour, vitality and curiosity.
In this collection, Spring is an old man, the narrator is a mature woman opening up about the experiences of her life, from the time she as a motherless five-year old go searching for warmth. With a lovely will to say the things that you do not usually do, to be sincere and true, she tells us of a life with strong passion, much pain, many losses but also great love.

Annabelle Despard

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Photo: Kjartan Bjelland

Annabelle Despard (1943–) is born in Britain, has a degree from the University of Oslo, and lives in Kristiansand. She has worked as a translator and an editor. She made her literary début in 1995 and has since written four collections of poetry.

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