Taran Bjørnstad
Nokokure’s Summer

She’s young.
She’s a refugee.
She’s all by herself.

Sixteen year old Nokokure has fled all alone from Africa through Europe and is staying at a reception centre for asylum seekers. As we follow the various stages of her application as a minor refugee, the reader gets to know Nokokure and her story; how everyday life turn into terror and killing, to flee for your life, to come all alone to a foreign country far away. The novel tells a dramatic and intens story about being a minor refugee and the people who will decide whether or not Nokokure will be granted asylum or not.

An intense YA about one of the most heartbreaking topics in our time.

Taran Bjørnstad

Taran Bjørnstad
Aschehoug Stine Friis Hals

Taran Bjørnstad (b. 1966) writes books for children and young adults, and is nominated to the Deutcher Jugendliteraturpreis 2017 for her middle grade novel The Crocodile Thief. She is the leader of the Norwegian Writers for Children Author`s Association. She has a univerity degree in media and communication from London and Oslo. and has worked as a media analyst and researcher.

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