Torill Thorstad Hauger
Captured by Vikings

Reim and his sister, Tir, are slaves to a mighty earl in tenth-century Norway.Their existence is a bitter and harsh one, with little respite from the toil and pain that pervades each day. But the children remember happier times in Ireland where they lived as Patric and Sunnuva-before the Vikings warriors raided their village and captured them. Proud and strong in spirit, Reim and Tir live for the day they can return to their homeland. But as days pass into months, their chances of escape seen very slim indeed. This gripping novel will transport the reader back in time with its rich details of life in another age.

Torill Thorstad Hauger

Torill Thorstad Hauger (22 November 1943 – 4 July 2014) was a Norwegian non-fiction writer and illustrator. She was the author of a number of prize-winning novels with historical themes for children and teenagers.

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