Anna Fiske
Everyone Has a Backside

Did you know that everyone has his or her own body? And that each one of those bodies has a backside? Well, you'll definitely know that after reading this book. In addition to the fronts and backs of bodies, you can read about hair, skin, digestion, hygiene and much more.

Everyone has a backside is a little book from a big name. This is a book packed with facts and surprises that provoke thought, speculation and raise awareness around the theme of the human body through skilful use of humour and intimacy.

‘Anna Fiske's illustrations are recognizable and solid with a strong and well-considered visual tone… This may inspire young children to explore and talk about respect for their own and others' bodies as well as body sounds, shapes and colours.’


…Everybody has a Backside is an incredibly rich book with a wealth of content that will contribute to both reflection and awareness. It is also very funny, not least due to Anna Fiske's illustrations. Here she is at her best.

Hamar Arbeiderblad

Anna Fiske

Anna Fiske
Photo: June Witzøe

Anna Fiske is a Swedish-born illustrator, author and cartoonist. Fiske’s playful and distinctive style, both literary and pictorial, has earned her numerous awards and honours for her works. Several of her books have been published with great success in many countries.

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Ministry of Culture’s literary prizes for children and young adults - Best Graphic Novel – 2005, 2017
The Norwegian School Librarian Association Literature Prize 2016
The Most Beautiful Norwegian Books 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015
Ministry of Culture’s literary prizes for children and young adults – Illustration - 2014
The Book Art Award 2014

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