Stian Hole
Morkel's Alphabet

In Morkel's Alphabet, we are reunited with Anna from Anna's Heaven (2013).

There is someone leaving notes on the ground. Who can it be? Anna wonders. One evening, she sees a shadow. A boy. Is it him? Next day, the note says “Morkel”. Morkel, who is almost never at school. Morkel has a cabin in the forest, and Anna finds him. They spend a lot of time together, both of them interested in words and letters. Everyone has their own alphabet, Anna thinks, and it can take a long time to work out what letters mean. Morkel knows a lot about birds, but one day he is gone, like a migratory bird. Anna longs and hopes that he will return. Maybe he'll be back in the spring?

A beautiful story about friendship and what is important in life. The story is both intense yet moderately-paced with a lot of food for thought. The illustrations are full of wonder, nature and life. A new, fantastic picture book from one of our leading picture book authors.

Stian Hole

Stian Hole
Photo: André Løyning

Stian Hole is a reputed illustrator and an author. He has created a number of award-winning picture books.

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Denmark (Høst & Søn)
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