Alice Bjerknes Lima de Faria

"It Wasn't Me!" said Robinhound

Robinhound hos a much older brother who takes him to nursery, but Robinhound doesn't understand why he has to go to nursery every day.
"They're all stupid," he says. Then everything goes a bit wrong for Robinhound. He tries to pour his own milk, but spills it all over the table. He kicks the ball into the air, but predictably, Uffle is standing in the way when the ball comes down again. Everyone scolds him and no one understands that it wasn't his fault.

Robinhound decides to hide. "They'll never find me," he thinks, "I can stay here all night if I have to." At least he has a much older brother who understands everything.

This is a great everyday story with both humour and gravity. The story describes Robinhound's perception of reality without any interjectory adult reason or correction. This is a book in which all children will recognise themselves.

Alice Bjerknes Lima de Faria

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Alice Bjerkes Lima de Faria (b. 1968) is a Norwegian-Swedish scenographer and illustrator. She graduated from Gothenburg School of Design and Crafts and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and holds a Master of Fine Art degree in Scenography.
She began her work as a freelance illustrator in 2005, producing book covers and work for a range of magazines and journals.

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