Lars Mæhle

The Revenge of the Fog Prince

A new crime series for young bookworms from prizewinning author Lars Mæhle. Mæhle is responsible for a number of popular books for children and young adults, but has also written crime novels for adult readers. This time, he has written an exciting story for the very youngest crime readers, with the small town of Heimvik as an idyllic setting.

The fist volume sets the tone with a fast pace, tension and dog smuggling in Heimvik. Is the case as simple as the town's naïve and laid-back chief constable thinks, or can it be that the mysterious tramp called the Fog Prince is innocent? It is up to megabrain Max and his enthusiastic partner Siri to find out. Crime duo Siri and Max are on the case!

‘Krimteam Siri & Max has a lot in common with LasseMaja and Detektivbyrå Nr. 2, but with fewer illustrations. The text is longer and more advanced, and there is more tension.’


‘Skoddefyrstens hevn is a detective story with contemporary illustrations. The simplicity of the text makes it easy to read yet also subtle. There are not that many illustrations, but those that are included are important for gaining an overall impression of the action.’


Lars Mæhle

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Lars Mæhle (1971–) made his literary début in 2002 with a young adult novel, The Football Keeper of Tunisia, which was named the best children and young adult book by the website He has since published several critically acclaimed books for both children and young adults.

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