May-Brit Akerholt

Translates from Norwegian into English

Dr May-Brit Akerholt’s published translations of Norwegian works include plays by Henrik Ibsen and Jon Fosse, novels, short stories and poetry by a number of writers, and a book about Ibsen’s writings: Ibsen on Theatre. A number of her drama translations have been produced by leading theatre companies around Australia. Positions include: Tutor at Macquarie University; Lecturer in Drama at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA); Resident Dramaturg at Sydney Theatre Company; Artistic Director of the Australian National Playwrights’ Centre. She has a doctorate from The University of Sydney (The Dramaturgy of Translation).

Translated by May-Brit Akerholt



Henrik Ibsen

Pillars of Society, (with director Phillip Keir), Sydney Theatre Company, 1984.
STC Playtext, 1984.

The Lady from the Sea, (with director Aubrey Mellor), State Theatre Company of South Australia, Adelaide, 1984.
State Theatre Company Play Series, 1984.

Hedda Gabler, Sydney Theatre Company, 1986.
Five Island Press & Sydney Theatre Company, 1998.

Ghosts, (with playwright Louis Nowra), Belvoir Theatre, Sydney,1988;
Five Island Press & Belvoir Theatre, 1998.

A Doll’s House, Belvoir Theatre, Sydney, 1989.
Five Island Press & Belvoir Theatre, 1999.

Ellida (The Lady from the Sea), La Mama Theatre, Melbourne, 2018.
Currency Press, Sydney, 2018.

Jon Fosse

Published by Oberon Press, London, Plays Volume III – VI, 2004 and 2014:
Volume III:
Mother and Child, Sleep My Baby Sleep, Afternoon, Beautiful, Death Variations.

Volume IV:
The Son, Meanwhile the Lights Go Down and Everything Becomes Black.

Volume V:
Suzannah, Living Secretly, The Dead Dogs (also in single volume), A Red Butterfly’s Wings, Warm, Telemakos, Sleep.

Volume IV:
Rambuku, Over There, These Eyes, Girl in Yellow Raincoat, Christmas Tree Song, Sea.


Trilogy by Jon Fosse, Dalkey Archives Press, 2016.

The Boathouse by Jon Fosse, Dalkey Archives Press, 2018.

Anatomy.Monotony, by Edy Poppy, Dalkey Archives Press, 2018.

Let Me Sleep Until This Is Only a Dream by Ellisif Stifoss-Hanssen, Dalkey Archives Press, 2018.

Short Stories
“I Could Not Tell You” by Jon Fosse, The Norwegian Feeling for Real; eds. Harald Bache-Wiig, Berit Bjerck and Jam Kjærstad, The Harvill Press, Random House, London 2005.

“Homecoming” by Jon Fosse, in Freedom, Amnesty International, Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh 2009.

“Alarm” by Rolf Jacobsen; “In the Open” by Laila Stien, “Another Star” by Ingvar Ambjørnsen, in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, volume 35, San Francisco, USA, 2010. New edition 2017.

“Christmas Eve” by Vigdis Hjort; “Another Star” av Ingvar Ambjørnsen, in A Very Scandinavian Christmas, New Vessel Press, New York, 2019.


Poems by Jon Fosse: Poems published by Poetry International Festival Rotterdam, 2010.

Poems by Cecilie Løveid. Poetry International, 2011.

Solaris by Øyvind Rimbereid, 2011, later adapted for an orchestral performance and produced on CD.

5 X Hansen by Inger Elisabeth Hansen, Aschehoug, 2012.

Jon Fosse Poems, Translation and Foreword by May-Brit Akerholt. Poetry Series, Shift Fox Press, Canada, 2014.

Sickle, by Ruth Lillegraven, Seagull Press, 2018.


“The Gnosis of Writing” an essay by Jon Fosse, Bergen International Festival, Forlaget Press, Bergen 2006.

A Piece of Cake, non-fiction by Anita Krohn Traaseth, Cappelen-Damm, Oslo, 2014.

An Angel Walks Through the Stage, Collection of Essays by Jon Fosse, Dalkey Archives Press, 2015.

Ibsen on Theatre, edited by Frode Helland and Julie Holledge, with new translations of Henrik Ibsen’s writings by May-Brit Akerholt, Nick Hern Books, London, 2018.