Mohammad Habeeb

Translates from Norwegian into Arabic

I’m a Norwegian\ English to Arabic translator based in Stavanger, Norway.
I am originally from Syria, I hold a BA in English Language and Literature from Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria. I have a long experience in translation from English to Arabic, fiction, and nonfiction, check my CV. In 2015, I came to Norway as a guest writer with ICORN. Here, in Stavanger, I began a new phase in the field of translation. It began with a challenge invitation from the Cultural House in Stavanger to translate \Karen\ a short story by Alexander Kielland.

My latest translations:
-HVITT HAV, a novel by Roy Jacobsen, to be published by Sard Publishing house 2022
-RIGELS ØYNE, a novel by Roy Jacobsen, to be published by Sard Publishing house 2022?
- Many plays by Jon Fosse, to be published by Foundation NCCAL in Kuwait.
- MUSIKK OG HJERNEN, nonfiction book by Are Brean &Geir Olve Skeie, I am working on it now.

Translated by Mohammad Habeeb

Roy Jacobsen, روي ياكوبسن : Rigels Øyne , عيون ريغل , 2024, دار ممدوح عدوان

Roy Jacobsen , روي ياكوبسن : Hvitt Hav , بحر أبيض, 2023, دار ممدوح عدوان

Jon Fosse, يون فوسيه : Dei Døde Hundane , الكلاب الميتة, 2021, المسرح العالمي- الكويت

Roy Jacobsen, روي ياكوبسن : De Usynlige , اللامرئيون, 2021, سرد دار ممدوح عدوان

Alexander Kielland, ألكسندر شيلاند : Karen , كارين, 2019, سولفبارغة، المركز الثقافي في ستافانغر

Jon Fosse, يون فوسيه : Det er Alis , أليس, 2019, دار دال