Vigdis Hjorth
Long Live the Post Horn!

Ellinor is a communications consultant in her thirties. She can’t help but feel that her life is lacking meaningful intensity, that her life is a trivial contrast to her feelings of despair. When a colleague suddenly leaves the firm Ellinor has to see through a project all by herself.

By teaching postal workers in Postkom about media, influence and politics, Ellinor is supposed to better equip them in their opposition to the implementation of EU’s Postal Legislation. However, the question arises; who is teaching whom?

‘... a fantastic book. There are few contemporary writers who explore loneliness with greater courage. Hurrah for Hjorth!’

‘If you are looking for a novel about loneliness and the postal service, choose this one. ... It is practically impossible to decide where to begin when discussing Hjorth’s novels. They are immediate, but also stay with you, kicking around in your mind for a good while afterwards. This time, the story even manages to combine politics, the postal service and a lonely young woman. Can this really be of interest? Yes, it can, when Hjorth does it.’

Vigdis Hjorth

Vigdis Hjorth
Photo: Fredrik Arff

Vigdis Hjorth has made an exciting literary career and has written many popular books for both children and adults. Today she is one of Norway's most interesting, contemporary writers.

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UK & USA (VERSO Books)
Denmark (Turbine)

Other titles

Thanks, quite well, 1998
The confessions of an erotic author, 1999
What´s with Mother?, 2000
If only, 2001
Pros and cons of being, 2005
Tire Change, 2006
Third Person Singular, 2008.

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The Aschehoug Prize 2015
Winner of The Norwegian Literary Critics' Prize for best work 2012

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