Bår Stenvik

Dirt. Why it disgusts us – and fascinates us. Dirt is a book about impurities, founded in the author's own experiences, from farm life and sheep shit to urban high culture.

We're constantly at war with dirt, from the excrement we flush down the drain, to invisible germs. In the world of ideas, a similar struggle has been fought: from Christianity’s bouts with impure thoughts, through enlightened ideals of pure reason, to modern kitchen interiors with designs so clean the doors can't have handles.

At the same time, dirt has had its own appeal. Farting and sex was as much fun in old fables as in recent Hollywood incarnations. Gore and blood has been central to ancient rituals, and still draw audiences to movies and art galleries. Shabby chic furniture and stained jeans have conquered the masses.

Dirt invites the reader on a journey through historical and cultural examples, combined with the author´s personal voice, from his rural upbringing to urban youth and international travels.

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Bår Stenvik

Bår Stenvik
Photo: Therese Tungen

Bår Stenvik is a Norwegian journalist. He has studied English, literature, and musicology, graduating with an M.A. in Liberal Studies from New School for Social Research in New York.

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