Adelheid Seyfarth
40 below on the dark side of the moon

We are at Svullrya in Finnskogen. We meet Lone, who has moved here to find herself, but she’s unable to get along with the locals, and Robert, an unemployed man struggling to save his marriage – and himself. Bjørn is a journalist at the local newspaper and is trying to find something important to write about, but keeps getting stuck. Maren-Anna, Robert’s mother, works in home care and is friends with the local blabbermouth.

40 below on the dark side of the moon is a modern, realistic novel from everyday-life in Finnskogen, marked by deep cultural and ideological differences that essentially are about our difficult relationship with nature and the meaning of people’s choices.

Aschehoug 2010

Adelheid Seyfarth

Adelheid Seyfarth
Photo: Aschehoug

Adelheid Seyfarth lives in Grue. She graduated in literary studies from the University of Oslo.

Misjonærene (The Missionaries), 2008
Fars hus (Father's House), 2005

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