Geir Gulliksen
The Story of a Marriage

A modern love story, a tale of a contemporary relationship. It's about She and He and the life they share together. All goes well, until it suddenly doesn’t work anymore, what really happened?

The novel examines whether it is possible to understand love and what it does to us. A man tries to figure out how his marriage could break, when he and his wife loved each other so strongly. He's trying to comprehend what went wrong by investigating all the years they had together as if he were her.

Nominated for the Norwegian Critics‘ Prize for Literature 2015
Nominated for the Norwegian Literary Award: P2 Listeners Novel Prize 2015

Also nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2016
Part of Jury´s motivation: "Geir Gulliksen has as a poet, novelist, essayist and editor left his mark on Norwegian literature for decades. With his latest novels, he has been responsible for a consistent and original exploration of the living conditions in a contemporary Scandinavian social democracy, often with gender roles, family life and sexuality as a focal point. (...) The novel provides a rare and finely tuned portrait of the dynamics of a lasting relationship, of proximity, community and intimacy but also of a distance that is growing in the middle of safety and freedom.”

Geir Gulliksen

Geir Gulliksen
Photo: Magnus Stivi

Geir Gulliksen (b. 1963) is a writer and publishing editor. He debuted in 1986 and has written poems, essays, plays, novels and children's books.
In 2014 Gulliksen received the Aschehoug Award for his overall authorship.

Rights sold to

Catalonia: Editorial Les Hores, Denmark: C&K Forlag, Finland: Siltala Publishers, France: Buchet Chastel, Germany: btb/Random House, Hungaria: Typotex, Iceland: Benedikt Bókaútgáfa, Korea: Sam & Parkers Co., The Netherlands: Ambo Anthos (auction), Poland: Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca, Sweden: Svante Weyler Förlag, UK: Hogarth/Chatto & Windus, US: Hogarth/Crown Publishing.

Other titles

Selected fiction:
Bøyde knær, 2012
Forenkling, 2010
Tjuendedagen, 2009

Selected books for children/young adults:
Joel og Io, 2015 (ill. by Anna Fiske)
Iben og forvandlingen, 2012 (ill. by Anna Fiske)

Demoner, 2014
En kropp, 2012

Foreign rights

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The Aschehoug Award 2014 (for overall authorship)

Previous nominations:
The Ibsen Award in 2013 (for the play En kropp)
Nordic Council's Children's and Youth Literature Prize 2015 (for Joel og Io, illustrated by Anna Fiske)
The Brage Award 2012 (for the children's book Iben og forvandlingen, illustrated by Anna Fiske)

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