Kjartan Fløgstad
James border river

The wanderer and his shadow, the man of action and the opportunist. In the early 1930´s two well-educated young Germans make a decision that leads them to Oslo´s infamous Gestapo headquarters at Victoria terrasse, to James Border River, and further, across the border. And later across all borders, into a state where they become champions over life and death.
World War II finishes and evolves into the Cold War. Even in the blur of war there always exists a demarcation between good and bad. Does that demarcation still follow the same lines today? Horrified by the atrocities committed by the preceding generation, a young Norwegian tries to do the right thing by abiding by laws and rules. Will he still end up committing an injustice?
James Border River is a novel about power and ideology, about what the war changed and what remained unchanged.

“… the most powerful contribution to this year´s literary output. James Border River is something as rare as a modern novel of ideas, …
The author has a high-octane narrative strength and writes with immense authority”.

Kjartan Fløgstad

Kjartan Fløgstad

Kjartan Fløgstad is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential Norwegian writers today. He has written twelve novels and a number of essay collections and poems as well as plays and biographies. His writing is highly praised by the critics, and he has received some 13 literary prizes, including the Nordic Literary Council Prize in 1977.

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Other titles

Valfart, poems 1968.
Den hemmelege jubel, prose 1970.
Fangliner, short stories 1972.
Rasmus, novel 1974.
Døden ikke heller, novel (Pseud. K. Villun) 1975.
Fyr og flame, novel 1980.
Loven vest for Pecos, essays 1981.
U 3, novel 1983.
Ordlyden, essays 1983.
Det 7. klima, novel 1986.
Tyrannosauris Text, essays 1988.
Portrett av eit magisk liv. Poeten Claes Gill, biography 1988.
Arbeidets lys. Tungindustrien in Sauda gjennom 75 år, non-fiction 1990.
Kniven på strupen, novel 1992.
Fimbul, novel 1994.
Antipoder, essays 1996.
Kron og mynt, novel 1998.
Evig varer lengst, Play 2000.
Paradis på jord, novel 2002.
Hotel Tropical, non-fiction 2003.
Brennbart, non-fiction 2004.
Snøhetta: hus som vil meg hysa, non-fiction 2004.
Grand Manila, novel 2006.
Pyramiden, non-fiction 2007.

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