Vigdis Hjorth
Third Person Singular

Hulda Kråkefjær comes from a gifted family. But it is clear that things are not looking good for her: despite her degree in philosophy and her literary talent, Hulda’s love life has shipwrecked more than once. She spends too much time in dingy pubs drinking herself senseless and doing things she regrets. Hulda Kråkefjær is on a path to self-destruction. Why have things gone so badly for her? How could things have gone differently? To what extent can one steer fate?

Third Person Singular is a dark story told with lots of energy and humour.

“A broad and deep novel from Vigdis Hjorth, who, with her special talent uncovers the discrete charm of the upper middle classes. Vigdis Hjorth writes lightly and elegantly about a gifted woman’s destructive way of life(…) a moving and impressive novel.”


“Like before, Hjorth examines the forces ravaging inside human beings. She is a keen author, it is all entertaining, intense and well written.”


Vigdis Hjorth

Vigdis Hjorth
Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø

Vigdis Hjorth (b. 1959) has made an exciting literary career. Up until 1987 she focused on children's books. After this she has published ten novels for adults and is one of Norway's most interesting, contemporary writers. She is always well received by the critics.

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The Aschehoug Prize 2015
The Norwegian Literary Critics' Prize 2012

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