Ingelin Røssland

Hand grenade apple

Anja lives a humdrum life in the bosom of her family, a life which largely consists in helping her grandmother with her dressmaking and knocking about with her rather dull friend Arild. But the time comes for her to start junior college, forcing her to leave home and move into a bed-sitter in town. Here she meets Malin, who is a bit of a tearaway and is reputed, along with her gang, to have trashed someone's home after a party. Moreover, Malin has a brother who is currently serving a prison sentence for drug dealing. Without warning, Anja finds her life turned completely upside-down. “A highly accomplished book,” wrote the reviewer in Dag og Tid.

Ingelin Røssland

Rssland ingelin 2012 c lars myhren holandhgde
Lars Myhren Holand

Ingelin Røssland, born at Tysnes in Sunnhordaland, has written an exciting, true-to-life novel. This is Røssland's fourth for young adults. She works as a journalist for the Norwegian Broadcasting.

Other titles

Viss du vil (1998)
Kunsten å inhalera (2001)
Flyt (2002)
Handgranateple (2006)
Monstertanta (2007)

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