Bobbie Peers

William Wenton and the Luridium Thief

William Wenton #1

Meet William Wenton, the world’s greatest code breaker. The only thing is, he doesn’t yet know he is…

William has always wondered why his family suddenly had to change their name and address eight years ago, moving from England to sleepy little Norway. And he can’t help but miss his grandfather, who mysteriously went missing just as they left their old home. It isn’t until William solves the Impossible Machine, the toughest code in the world, that he begins to see the danger that’s been nipping at his heels all these years. If he’s to survive the coming confrontation, he’ll have to find his grandfather right quick, not to mention make full use of his uncanny talent for code breaking.

William Wenton and the Luridium Thief is a wild ride through a fantastical new universe. Bobbie Peers’ imagination has created a world rich in detail and humor, not to mention excitement. The novel has already caught the eyes of the literary sphere and received Ark’s Children’s Book Award 2015. 10,000 Norwegian children participated in the vote to chose the best book of the year.

This fast-paced, engaging novel grabs readers’ attention right from the get-go. /.../ Part “Alex Rider,” part “Artemis Fowl,” part Da Vinci Code for kids, this title will captivate action and mystery enthusiasts.

School Library Journal, US

Think Hogwarts with robots and carnivorous robotic plants [...] there are plenty of twists to keep readers guessing. /.../ The crisp narrative will appeal to readers of different levels, and more adventures involving William Wenton will be welcome.

Booklist, US

Full of secrecy, intrigue with an element of fantasy, this really is a pageturner - think Harry Potter meets Dan Brown with a hint of John Grisham!

The Guardian’s Best New Children’s Books Guide 2017, UK

A pacey code-breaking’n’cyborgs thriller that shirks conventions.

The Guardian, UK

Exciting, crazy and full of humor.

NDR, Germany

Bobbie Peers

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Sofia Runarsdotter

Bobbie Peers (b. 1974) made his mark on Norwegian film history when he in 2006 won a Palme d’Or for his Sniffer, written and directed by Peers himself. The award became the first of many milestones in the London International Film School graduate’s career as a director and film writer. 2015 witnessed the multi-talented Peers’ debut as a children’s books author. William Wenton and the Luridium Thief is the first book in a forthcoming series featuring the code breaking whizz William.

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