Helene Uri

A Righteous Man

Karsten and Marianne fall in love, marry each other, have children … and then Karsten commits adultery. In her anger and bitterness, Marianne begins to suspect Karsten of having committed more than mere adultery. Could he have assaulted his own daughters? Marianne contacts the retired judge Edvard Frisbakke. Edvard has always regarded himself as a righteous person, as someone capable of distinguishing between innocence and guilt – especially in cases concerning sexual assault. All his life he has sentenced bad men to harsh punishments, firmly convinced that he has thus helped make the world a better place. Now he assists in convicting Karsten, and the small family is torn apart forever. But is it possible to be so right?

With this book Helene Uri goes straight to the root of a highly relevant and engaging theme. More than anything, however, this is a deeply touching story about people who hurt each other because they love each other.

Helene Uri

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Helene Uri holds a PhD in linguistics and worked for twelve years at the University of Oslo as an Associate Professor before she left to become a full time writer.

She made her literary debut in 1995 with a novel for adolescents, Anna on Friday and published her first novel for adults Deep Red 315 in 2001. Honey Tongues was published to acclaim the following year: Bergens Tidende described it as a book which “tears apart the myth that all children are kind”. Now a full time writer, she has a doctorate in applied linguistics, and continues to write on the subject in newspapers and journals.

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