Runar K. Dahle
The Difference Between Flowers and Weed

One February morning, while it is still dark, a tall man from the district northwest of Bergen gets into a Volvo V70 and drives to Flesland airport, where he Boards a morning plane to Manchester.

On the same plane, a couple of rows further back, sits a woman of the sam age, around fifty, born and bred in South Bergen. All the ten registered addresses she has called home at various times in her life, as the crow flies, within a eadius of five kilometers.

Both of them have a windswept English Westcoast town as their destination. But beneath the drifting clouds there is somethin amiss, and soon the two Norwegians find out why the sleepy seaside resort is known as devil's Beach.

The Difference Between Flowers and Weeds is a story about small-time life in the great wide world, about mud flats and oil, and about human sedtinies that cross each other like birds in flight.

Runar K. Dahle

Runar K. Dahle
Rolf M. Aagaard

Runar Dahle (b. 1981) grew up in Austrheim. He has a MA in English and Works freelance at present. He lives at present in Bergen. In 2010 he made his debut With the Collection of short stories So There You Are Then.

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