Bjørn Vassnes

The Kingdom of Frost

The Cryosphere is the name of those parts of the earth that contain frozen water; like snow, ice, permafrost, glaciers - and something that very few has heard of: invisible glaciers. This is a part of the world that most of us only know from afar - with the exception of Norwegians and other Northerners. But we see less and less of it, as the area is shrinking.
Bjørn Vassnes, Norway´s leading science journalist and native to the arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda, take us on a fascinating journey through climate research, biology, cultural history and archaeology. Weather you live in it or not, The Kingdom of Frost effects all life on earth.

Bjørn Vassnes

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Bjørn Vassnes (b.1951) is one of Norway's leading science journalists and has won several national and international prizes. He has a regular science column in the newspaper Klassekampen, and has written several books with popular scientific themes. He was involved in the launch of the popular Science TV-show "Schrødingers Katt" on NRK, and has as a journalist been awarded "Fritt ords honnør" and The Golden Pen.

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