Wencke Mühleisen

Common Sense

For centuries, people have shared their thoughts, emotions, longings by letter. The letters in this book are such an approach, driven by desperation and a smouldering desire for change. Away from rationality and goal-directedness, in an urge towards freedom and the basic relations of which life consists. With the ageing woman’s hardly visible position in our culture as the point of departure, the sender writes letters to a life-companion, to a female friend and to an unknown you-figure. She is constantly driven by a wish to think clear thoughts, to listen to the intensity and seriousness of everything and to make good decisions. Even if this runs contrary to all available common sense.

Wencke Mühleisen

Muehleisen wencke

Wencke Mühleisen (b. 1953) is a researcher in gender and media at the University of Stavanger. As a performance artist, writer and researcher she has worked with our cultural and media-formed understanding of sex and sexuality.

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