Julie T. Stangebye
Free the Wild Cats

A Young woman moves into her boyfriend's lodgings. He teaches her to use his clothes hangers and gives her her own tea-tray in the kitchen. When he's at work, she lies in bed listening for the postman and the neighbour's cat while she thinks of the time when she and her girlfriend were so Close that they almost escaped the feeling of being completely alone.

What happens when one only sees oneself through other people's eyes? When one places too much importance in what is said and done, when one becomes non-independent to the point of nonidentity? Free the Wild Cats investigates belonging, longing and unrest, and the Power we allow others to acquire over us.

Julie T. Stangebye

Julie T. Stangebye
Peter Lind Gupta

Julie T. Stangebye grew up in Kristiansand in Southern Norway. She attended the author line at the Univeristy College of Southeast Norway and presently lives in Arendal.

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