Marjam Idriss
The Gospel According to Jannike

A spirited and warm tale about love, isolation, soap operas and tinned tomatoes.

Jannike has given up. She moves in under grandma’s bed at the old people’s home and disappears into something completely her own, where no one except the talkshow hosts that inhabit her life can reach her.

Layla falls in love with abother woman at the refugee reception centre where whe lives, but the condemnation is impossible to live with. She is alone once more in a new land where Friday primetime TV, Work in Norway and loneliness are the most important codes to dicipher.

When Layla starts to work at the hospital and discovers the illegal refugee Jannike, it becomes clear that they have run into each other before.

Marjam Idriss

Marjam Idriss
Chieska Fortune Smith

Marjam Idriss, born in 1992, grew up one Sola and Jåsund in Rogaland. She studied literature at Cambridge University and lives in London, where she works in a bookshop, alongside translating and writing. The Gospel According to Jannike is her first book.

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