Thoralf Fagertun
The Gnork Family

Jungle medicine, smart boys and the most important football match in the world!

Tom misses his best friend Martin, who is half-dead in hospital. Together they would have won the incredibly important football match against their abominable arch-enemy Preben and his team, but without Martin all will surely be lost. When the Gnork family moves from the jungle to Tom’s boring small town, a spark of hope is lit. If Tom does the Gnork family a favour, they will make him a natural miracle cure that will restore Martin’s health and make him fit for the match. As they attempt to make the medicine, crocodiles, cats and whales are all roped in as guinea pigs, with unexpected con- sequences, and all the while Preben and his evil plans lurk in the shadows…

The Gnork Family is a wacky and cheerful tale about friends, enemies, spider hunts, flying crocodiles and home-made medicines with unbelievable side effects. And football, of course.

The book features charming and funny illustrations by Line Halsnes.

“Funny scenes follow each other in finely punctuated chapters that at the same time have a clear tension curve. Are you still in doubt about which book should be under the tree for all children between the ages of nine and eleven?”
- Astrid Fosvold

“The Gnork family is a fast-paced story about friendship, football, large crocodiles with sparkling teeth, flying blue whales and annoying rich boys. (…)The humorous story constantly takes new turns and surprises the reader time and time again!”

Thoralf Fagertun

Thoralf Fagertun (b. 1980) works in research dis- semination. He is literary scholar and studied writing at the Norwegian Children’s Book Institute. The Gnork Family is his first book.

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