Elin Viktoria Unstad
Cry wolf

Suspense for middle graders!
No entry for unauthorised persons - the area is under video
reads the sign in the garden outside the
dilapidated house at the end of the street. Varg is not
known for making the best decisions, and during a photo
assignment with some of the coolest kids in his class, he
decides to sneak into the garden. He soon learns that the
house is not abandoned after all, and the old man who has
moved in warns Varg off. Still, Varg can’t stay away, wanting
to impress his new friends. Varg eventually realises that the
old man has a dangerous plan, and in the end everything
spins out of control.
Cry Wolf is a chilling suspense story about wanting friends at
any cost, enormous consequences and brave choices.

Elin Viktoria Unstad

Elin Viktoria Unstad (b. 1978) debuted with the youth novel
Vega in 2017. She was nominated for the U-Award for Brådypt
(2019) and won the Book of the Year-award for 3rd to 4th
graders at Sølvberget library’s reading competition for
Magiprøven (2020).

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