Bjørn Sortland and Ketil Selnes (ill.)
Johnny 777 - Mission 5: Los Angeles

Jon works undercover as agent Johnny 777 for the secret
organisation EHO. Alongside Ninja Princess, he has been on
madcap missions all over the world. Now they are off to Los
Angeles on a mission that is just too much fun. They will need
to use their skills to test whether it is possible break into the
super-secure house of the super-rich Anita Überschmart, to
prevent dangerous villains from doing the same. But it turns
out that these dangerous villains have already hatched a
deadly plan that is no fun at all…
Johnny 777 Mission 5: Los Angeles is the fifth book in Sortland’s
and Selnes’ critically acclaimed bestselling series, full of
humour, action and excitement!

Bjørn Sortland and Ketil Selnes (ill.)

Bjørn Sortland (b. 1968) is educated at Skrivekunstakademiet (Academy for Creative Writing) in Bergen and
made his debut as a writer in 1992. He has published a
number of award-winning books for children, young adults
and adults, and is particularly known for the bestselling series
Kunstdetektivene / The Art Detectives and Johnny 777.
Ketil Selnes (b. 1974) is a graphic designer, a graduate from
SFGD (now Kristiania University College). He also holds a
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in illustration from Falmouth University
of Arts in Cornwall, UK. Amongst other things, Selnes has
illustrated Aftenposten Junior and illustrated a number
children’s books.

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