Lene Berg
From Father

Lene Berg was nine years old when her father, the writer and film director Arnljot Berg, was arrested in Paris accused of the murder of his third wife, Evelyne Zammit. This dramatic childhood memory is the starting point for From Father.

In From Father, Lene Berg examines her father’s life and fate by mixing her own memories and imagination with factual elements such as letters, psychiatric reports, unpublished and published texts, court documents, etc. From Father thus turns into an encounter between two artists – one living, one dead – between a father and daughter, a woman and man, and between present-day Norway and the nation in which Arnljot Berg lived and worked. The result is an astonishing and moving portrait of a sensitive and talented person, and at the same time an unusual portrayal of a family.

Clever novel about the act of remembrance.

Kjetil Korslund, Subjekt

Let me state right away that Lene Berg’s prose is wonderful. In addition to glimmering prose and clever composition, Fra far has everything one might wish for in a modern bohemian novel, in a novel of the arts, a crime novel with a twist of the humanities, one with all of Europe set as its stage.

Fartein Horgar, Adresseavisen

Lene Berg’s polyphonic text show us how “truth” is relative, and dependent upon point of view. The fact that the novel includes an unpublished and, by all accounts, autobiographical manuscript left behind by Arnljot Berg, allows father and daughter to meet in yet another medium in this novel.

Kåre Bulie, Klassekampen

The search for understanding might be futile, but luckily it results in literature that is both fruitful and fascinating.

Sigrid Elise Strømmen, Vårt Land

Lene Berg

Lene Berg
Kristine Jacobsen

Lene Berg, born 1965, is a film director and artist living in Oslo and Berlin. She was trained at the Swedish Institute of the Dramatic Arts in Stockholm, and has directed a number of films and had exhibitions at home and abroad. Berg’s autobiographical film False Belief premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019. She won the Elephant Prize at the Momentum Art Biennale in 2000 and has received the Lorck Schive Art Prize. She represented Norway during the 55th Venice Biennale and is this year’s festival exhibitor at Bergen Kunsthall. From Father is Lene Berg’s first book.

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