Mazdak Shafieian
Shining Dead

It’s the year 1366 according to the Iranian solar calendar, and 1987 according to the Gregorian, and I am seven years old, as old as the war against Iraq, on the run in a little village with no electricity near Khorramabad.

Shining Dead is based on the author’s own experiences from the eight-year Iran-Iraq war as well as the changes that occurred in Iranian society in the years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In perceptive and pictorial language, Shafieian describes a dramatic childhood in which war against Iran’s neighbour is superseded by war against the Iranian people’s own rulers: there are vivid, intricate descriptions of the atmosphere in the cities in the wake of chemical bombardment, alongside accounts of events in left-wing radical circles, with arrests and executions of intellectuals and dissidents as they were experienced by a child. Shining Dead is a novel about memory, about belonging, the home of one’s childhood, and deep love for family and friends.

Mazdak Shafieian’s novel Shining Death is a unique memoir that looks back on violent years of revolution and war in Iran.

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Mazdak Shafieian

Mazdak Shafieian
Julie Pike

Mazdak Shafieian (born 1980 in Iran) lives in Oslo.

He studied at the Academy of Literary Arts in Hordaland and holds a degree in literature from the University of Bergen. He debuted as a writer in 2006 with the poetry collection Pitfall Black. He has also been co-editor of the publication series Au petit garage and for the journal Teologi, and has spent time on Vinduet’s editorial board.

Ancient Matter. Essays 2015
Antwerp. Poetry 2011
Pitfall Black. Poetry 2006

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